We are a team of dedicated Australians who aim to offer quality lounges at reasonable prices. Our business is completely owned and operated by like-minded Australians.

The Difference Between iKnow Furniture  & other Stores:

  • We offer our customers fast home delivery.
  • You don't pay for overstaffed, fancy showrooms and expensive advertising campaigns. We estimate this saves you 60% on your product, when compared to the larger department stores.
  • You don't have to wait 8-12 weeks for your new sofa. If your sofa says it's in stock then we can deliver it to most locations in 7 - 10 business days.
  • Our Lounges are Australian made in our warehouse.
  • Our other products online will be delivered if in stock within 7 - 10 business days.
  • You will receive superior customer service backed by outstanding and verified customer reviews.
  • We are a rapidly growing Australian company that cares deeply about your experience. 

iKnow Furniture Philosophy:

Our philosophy, when doing business is to create a win-win relationship with all our suppliers and customers. We feel this is the only way to develop a sustainable business now and moving forward.

Right At Home:

At iknowfurniture we offer a stylish selection of modern products from lounges to mattress to our bed frames that will look amazing in your home, for years to come.  We feel we have combined a winning formula of stylish design, outstanding finish and reasonable prices. We aim to become the supplier of choice for a fashion conscious Australian.  

Whether you have a comfortable townhouse, spacious homestead or compact unit, iknowfurniture has the perfect lounge for you. We aim to bring dynamic style and comfortable lounges to your living room. Our dedicated team provides stress-free, realistic service. And when you buy from us you can’t help but see the difference. If you enjoy using your living room you will enjoy our lounges.  

Our Name:

The iknowfurniture name was developed after thinking long and hard about how to improve the ability of Australians to access stylish lounges at outstanding prices. The name was just a given once our business was developed.   

We are proud to be one of Australia's fastest growing organisations. It goes to show our no nonsense approach is just what Australians want.

We think the opportunities we offer are the primary reasons why iknowfurniture is a raging success and will continue to be moving forward.